RAWALPINDI, April 29 (Dr Liaquat Jadoon); At least 11 people were injured after bitten by stray dogs here on Wednesday. Lack of vaccine Rabies vaccine in hospitals of the city adds to the problems of poor people. According to details, presence of large number of stray dogs in Dhoke ChiraghContinue Reading

In 2020 the world is facing a global outbreak of  Coronavirus emergency, unarmed and losers, we men are reeling in the ford of this unknown pandemic, for which there is no vaccine, if not drugs generally used so far against malaria or rheumatoid arthritis, all being tested on a completelyContinue Reading

After all this waiting time, the month of grace, bliss, bounties, and fasts, the month of Ramadan has arrived with all its charms like every time before. Muslims all around the world wait anxiously for this month to come and give them inner peace and happiness. They make special feastsContinue Reading

“In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.” (Sylvia Browne’s Bogus Coronavirus Prophecies) This statement went viral all around the world after the first attack of Corona Virus. It was written by Sylvia Browne inContinue Reading

The spread of the Corona virus has sounded the alarm in all aspects of life, especially humanity. The nature of the spread of this deadly virus is still unknown and the transmission from the infected mother to the fetus is still one of the most important questions that scientists areContinue Reading

As Ambassador of Peace, Country Director Italy, actually contact person for Coronavirus emergency, on behalf of #INSPAD (Institute of Peace and Development in Islamabad, Pakistan), I would like to point out that the Italian situation seems to be gradually improving.Certainly it is a very slow improvement which, however, sees theContinue Reading

In the light of the recent and very disturbing events caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we and the respective representatives of the Muslim communities of Europe acting on behalf of a 170 million population of Muslims living in Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, have decided to addressContinue Reading

Looking for a business that makes millions online overnight? Are you the enthusiastic youth wondering how fake dissertation writing services make a million from nothing? If so, there is an online business of fake dissertation writing services from which a lot of people have made millions overnight and this businessContinue Reading

When I read some false and mystifying news, I would want to scream in front of the dead. Before publishing them, please check the author of these letters because they can be demystifying signs. Published in a WAp group, the following letter created a certain discomfort in me, maybe becauseContinue Reading