The way people were living in this world was just normal before the arrival of CoronaVirus or the COVID-19. The origin of CoronaVirus is not yet known, but careful estimates are until now are going on. The humans thought of this virus as an unwelcome guest. They tried a lotContinue Reading

Islamabad, London 22, June 2020: World News TV UK organized an online Live transmission on the topic Kashmiri Leaders Held in Indian Prisons, but the world remains silent, hosted by SM Irfan Tahir, while Altaf Ahmed Bhat President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement, Sheikh Abdul Mateen Information Secretary APHC AJK Chapter,Continue Reading

This is the age of telecommunication and technology. The Print Media and Broadcast Media always seem to be eager to provide us the most amusing, interesting, and floor-breaking news. Although, in this world of media, there are many disadvantaged; yet, we all pay tribute to the media for providing usContinue Reading

What is the world population right this year? If we go back in time and record the world’s population in 1960s, it was about 3.032 billion people. The world population increased every year uncontrollably and there were 3.684 billion people in year 1970. According to most recent United Nations estimation,Continue Reading

What is happening in India with miles of burned corpses, bonfires on the street baffles me: tears of relatives and bystanders attending public ceremonies for all to see, given the high number of daily deaths and crematory ovens to the limit. The PM Modi seems to be walking indifferently onContinue Reading

International think tank, “The Institute of Peace and Development” (INSPAD) is proud to have appointed more than 5000 Peace Ambassadors and 12000 members who spread peace and human rights by promoting harmony, coexistence and dialogue around the world for 25 years. We have bright and dynamic expert personalities, who areContinue Reading

London, Islamabad: ( ) More than 20 British MPs, Human Rights Lawyers from Kuwait and Bahrain raise voice against grave Human Rights Violations in IOJ&K and call for Peaceful Solution of Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of Kashmiris. British MPs assure President State Azad Jammu Kashmir Sardar Masood KhanContinue Reading