International think tank Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) is proudly announcing long-awaited 25th Annual International Peace Awards 2020. Awardees are recommenced by 21 members Awards nomination jury headed by Chairperson Mrs. Kishwar Aqeel in March 2020.I have the honor to announce on behalf of the Think tank #INSPAD (InstituteContinue Reading

The project of restoring and preserving Yakan House in Egypt is one of the promising projects that was recently selected within the list of projects nominated for the ICCROM-Sharjah Award for Good Practices in Preserving and Protecting Cultural Heritage in the Arab Region in its current session for the yearContinue Reading

International think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD proudly nominated Hon. Sardar Tanveer Sarwar, CEO Classic Homes as Ambassador of Peace.Sardar Tanveer is Chairman Kashmir Committee & Property Construction & Development Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & IndustryMr. Tanveer Sarwar served as Advisor to President AJK and Secretary General SudhanContinue Reading

I would like to present you opportunities to successfully ride the pandemic crisis. I will do my best by sharing some information with you that I think is worth looking at now that the crisis is raging worldwide. So I start with the words of a very famous mathematician, asContinue Reading

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has appealed to all political parties of Pakistan, AJK and the leaders of APHC ( All Parties Hurriyat Conference) Azad Kashmir chapter to actively participate in Black Day protest processions on 5th of August to condemn Indian illegalContinue Reading

jammu and kashmir beauty and culture Islamabad 18, July 2020 : ( KNN ) President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat has Rejected and denounced the amendment to the Control of Building Operations Act, 1988 and the Jammu & Kashmir Development Act, 1970.President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf AhmedContinue Reading

President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat has said that Today is a day of devotion for Kashmiris. It is also a day of sense of responsibility for the people and rulers of Pakistan. Those who before the formation of Pakistan to embarrass the dream of Quaid-e-Azam, passed aContinue Reading

Going back in time, until the threshold of 1947, it seems incredible how much time has passed unnecessarily since the partition of the Indian Sub-continent. So hard was the backlash of the end of British colonization that left chaos where the British Commonwealth once ruled. Why is there always suchContinue Reading