The way people were living in this world was just normal before the arrival of CoronaVirus or the COVID-19. The origin of CoronaVirus is not yet known, but careful estimates are until now are going on. The humans thought of this virus as an unwelcome guest. They tried a lotContinue Reading

This is the age of telecommunication and technology. The Print Media and Broadcast Media always seem to be eager to provide us the most amusing, interesting, and floor-breaking news. Although, in this world of media, there are many disadvantaged; yet, we all pay tribute to the media for providing usContinue Reading

Many media circulated with great interest news about carrying the famous super model and famous model Gigi Haddad from her friend singer Zain Malik, although Gigi did not publish photos on her account while she was pregnant on her official account on Instagram and full of pictures of the internationalContinue Reading

Guidelines imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have limited the spread of corona, led to a multiplier effect, delayed and canceled many artistic events, and put celebrities and their fans inside the homes. In the light of the epidemic that afflicted 2.9 million around the world, celebritiesContinue Reading